One smile is a great victory
Meet Lucky

"One smile is a great victory" That is our motto. However, we have found that we are able to bring something different to the table to help others in need by bringing in the help of man's best friend. Lucky’s, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever rescue dog, personality is sweet and gentle. She lets children play with her as much as they want, even letting them play with her toes (something that would normally bother her at home!) Apart from visiting children at the hospital, Lucky loves going to the ... read more >

Our mission

We are dedicated to making the lives of children better through the power and blessing of Animal-Assisted Therapy. Our mission is to bring joy, comfort and compassion to those in need, and encourage well-being of hospitalized children with acute or chronic diseases thru the joy of receiving a gift from a four legged friend.

How to Apply
Its simple. Click here to learn more about the application requirements for individuals and/or hospitals. Read more +
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We rely on donations to operate our non-profit organization. We appreciate your support!
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